What is the Junior Development Experience?
The Junior Development Experience (JDE) is a student-run studio at DePaul University, dedicated to making games. Composed of students, alumni, and faculty from all across the university, the JDE provides an environment for people of various disciplines to work together on projects as they would in a real development environment. This studio is now open to anyone interested in making games in Chicago!

What was my role?
● Created the studio covering the name, mission, culture, branding, and goals
● Designed an annual academic agenda for members covering workshops, events, playtesting sessions, and festivals
● Organized preliminary info sessions, on campus recruitment, and studio member interviews
● Designed and handled printing for the studio brand including shirts, prints, and marketing collateral 
● Created the studio's website and itch.io page to document games, blog posts, photos, and videos
● Facilitated over 15 game jams consisting of rapid prototyping, board game design, and polishing projects
● Managed the studio member's independent study overlooking multiple projects and teams at once
● Operated room reservations, faculty member meetings, and studio partnerships with local Chicago organizations 
● Managed festival submission and logistics for studio members showcasing across the country
● Outreached for partnerships with game studios, industry veterans, and local game development colleges

Marketing Collateral
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